Minimalist geometric dog houses for lovers of architecture

Modern architecture for dogs? You heard me right. While getting a slick modern home is out of reach for most of us these days, it’s now more attainable for our pets; architectural design is expanding from homes for humans to dog houses for our furry friends.

Korean brand Bad Marlon has created a series of cool modern dog houses for owners to pamper their pets. These minimalist structures, which follow the philosophy of environments where people and pets exist in harmony with one another, are designed for the modern day home. Each of these stunning geometric-shaped designs will complement your furniture. Of which, there are three architectural designs for the houses: the faceted Oshu has a gradient of ornamental triangle cut-outs; the Deauville mimics the classic A-frame; and the Larvik spots an asymmetrical pitched roof. The doggy beds get the high-design treatment, too, via 2 unique designs: the Ravioli and Marron.


Oshu dog house by Bad Marlon


Larvik architectural design by Bad Marlon for dogs


Deauville by Bad Marlon

While the scale of these houses and beds is more suited for small dogs, all pet lovers can appreciate their gorgeous design.