Dog lover? Here are minimalist, geometric dog houses

Modern architecture for dogs? You heard me right, the world of architectural design is moving to dog houses. While getting a slick modern house is out of reach for most of us, it’s more attainable for our pets.

Korean brand Bad Marlon has created a series of cool modern dog houses for dog owners to pamper their pets. These minimalist structures follow the philosophy of environments “where pets and people exist in harmony with one another.” The minimalist dog houses are designed for a modern day home, which feature stunning geometric-shape houses, to comfortable fabric beds, that will complement your furniture.

Currently, Bad Marlon consists of two very unique bed designs, Marron and Ravioli, and three dog houses/dens – including two that assemble completely without tools thanks to a series of super strong magnets.

minimalist-geometric-dog-houses-01 minimalist-geometric-dog-houses-02 minimalist-geometric-dog-houses-03 minimalist-geometric-dog-houses-04 minimalist-geometric-dog-houses-05

While the scale of these houses and beds is more suited for small dogs, all pet lovers can appreciate their gorgeous design.



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