Test your urinal etiquette

Most men are well aware of the unspoken golden rule when it comes to using the urinal — if possible, never stand next to another dude when peeing.

But what happens when you go to the men’s room and it’s crowded around the urinals, and there’s limited options? Do you break the golden rule? Which urinal should you choose?

If you’re worried about breaking protocol, you should check out Urinal Man. This online learning simulator gives you choices as to where to pee and rates your urinal etiquette. Simulating different scenarios, it’s your job is to choose the right place to stand. Once completed, the simulator will give you a grade based on your choices.

urinal-man-online-learning-simulation-1 urinal-man-online-learning-simulation-2 urinal-man-online-learning-simulation-3 urinal-man-online-learning-simulation-4

How did you score? Share your grade below.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/InternetIsBeautiful/comments/3ny1rl/urinal_man_learning_urinal_simulator_a_website/


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