These walls splash pee back onto public urinators

To tackle the annoying stench and mess left behind by visitors relieving themselves on random walls in the St. Pauli neighbourhood in Hamburg, Germany, a group of residents have recently started a Peeback Project that hopes to deter public urinators.

For the project, members from the St. Pauli’s Community of Interest group coated the walls in their neighbourhood with a hydrophobic coating. This special paint is designed to repel liquids effectively. And as featured in the video below, several unsuspecting urinators were shocked to have their pee splashed back on themselves, soiling their clothes and shoes.

St. Pauli Peeback

What are you thoughts on this simple but clever solution to the problem of public urinators? And while you’re at it, take a look at this IKEA ad that encourages you to pee on it.