How to survive the office holiday party

We’ve entered the peak of the holiday party season and most companies are gathering to celebrate the end of a hardworking year. This is the time of year when your colleagues get hammered and make complete fools of themselves.

Test your urinal etiquette with this online game

Most men are aware of the unspoken golden rule of urinal etiquette: if possible, never stand next to another dude when peeing.

Curious dinner table customs from around the world

“Sit up straight, don’t put your elbows on the table.” If you’re like me, then table manners were something that we were taught at a young age. However, your dinner table etiquette at home might come across as unrefined, snobbish or even rude in other…

Business card etiquette and design from around the world

A business card offers a first impression of you and—by association—your business to potential clients. In fact, they’re one of the most important marketing tools you can have. Therefore, having a unique, professionally crafted business card will make you stand out from the competition. And,…

Phone etiquette rules every professional should follow

Presenting a professional image, both on the phone and in person, is very important.

The cheat sheet for bossing your interview

By bossing your interview, you'll show your future employer that you’re smart and ready for anything.

Infographic: Handshakes around the world

Most people understand that you have one chance to make a first impression. How you give your handshakes and/or greetings are part of that impression. Giving handshakes, however simple it sounds, can mean serious business, especially when different cultures have their own rules about how…

Watch: Every customer service call ever

Anyone who has ever had to make a call to customer service centre can relate to the frustrations of waiting for someone to answer.

The ultimate guide to office bathroom etiquette

When it comes to the office bathroom, there are unspoken rules that should always be adhered to; leaving wiggle room in the mens, and throwing feminine products in the right bin in the ladies, for example. However, if you have a colleague in need of a…

Evening etiquette: A gentleman’s guide

Being a gentleman is not just a title, it is a way of life; and it’s more than opening the door for the ladies. In this infographic, created by Boisdale, men truly wishing to live up to this title are given tips on how to look and act the part.