The ultimate guide to Halloween candy & wine pairings

This infographic shows you which candies will pair well with different types of wines.

Now and then: Cultural and technology trends

Cultural, lifestyle and technology trends come and go. But some trends end up evolving over time. For example, a smartphone can now do the job of a camera, television, game console, cassette player, and calculator. 

PepsiCo launches old-fashioned artisanal Caleb’s Kola

PepsiCo has released a new, retro, artisanal cola product. Aimed at Millennial consumers, Caleb’s Kola is for those who have been gravitating towards products using pure and simple ingredients. Thus giving it an authentic and honest feeling.

Deep fried maple leaves in a sweet tempura batter

Fall is here and people in Japan are not only enjoying the picturesque autumn view, but they’re also enjoying maple leaves; deep frying them in a sweet tempura batter and eating them.

Discover 40 different ways to stay creative

After a while, trying to be creative feels like beating a dead horse. However, if you’re in need of a little inspiration, this handy infographic may be just what you need. 

Why designers don’t need to be told how to do their job

When design-illiterate executives get involved in the design process, it’s never a good thing. Designers often face this unavoidable scenario; various individuals wanting to contribute their two cents’ worth in the design process.

Funny ad features Sarah Silverman crowdfunding equal pay for women

According to this campaign regarding the equal pay for women, women lose out on salary to the tune of almost $30 trillion US.

Can you stand to watch the longest ad in the world?

What does a day in the life of a terminally-ill cancer patient look like; and how much of that day can you stand to watch? Clocking in at 25 hours, this ad bags the title for The Longest Ad In The World.

The ultimate guide to office bathroom etiquette

When it comes to the office bathroom, there are unspoken rules that should always be adhered to; leaving wiggle room in the mens, and throwing feminine products in the right bin in the ladies, for example. However, if you have a colleague in need of a…

The most expensive hamburger on Earth: the Glamburger

Pretty much everyone who loves meat enjoys eating a mouth-watering hamburger; whether it’s off the grille or from their favourite restaurant. But how much are you willing to pay to have a burger? I’ve previously posted about world’s most expensive items before, including America’s most expensive hamburgers,…

Learn about history’s worst contraceptives

Not to judge, but If you’re planning on having sex, wear protection. For women to protect themselves, chances are their using contraceptives like the Pill.

Bizarre Japanese cookbook require the use of condoms

With all of the television shows and networks that revolve around food, you probably thought you’ve seen it all. Chances are you haven’t seen this Japanese cookbook. If you’re wondering what makes it so unique, well, it’s centred around condoms.