Can you stand to watch the longest ad in the world?

What does a day in the life of a terminally-ill cancer patient look like; and how much of that day can you stand to watch? Clocking in at 25 hours, this ad bags the title for The Longest Ad In The World.

An impactful message comes up when you pause or stop the video, which does away with the fast forward and rewind options. You also get to see a different part of the 25-hour-long cycle each time you start the ad. Created by Spanish organization Association Right to Die with Dignity, the PSA not only highlights the pain of such a cancer patients’ situation, but its overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

The longest ad in the world

It is among the most emotional and urgent illustrations of the need for death-with-dignity legislation. Are you patient enough to sit through the longest ad in the world? Probably not, and that’s kind of the point; take a look at it here.

The longest ad in the world

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