The most expensive hamburger on Earth: the Glamburger

Pretty much everyone who loves meat enjoys eating a mouth-watering hamburger; whether it’s off the grille or from their favourite restaurant. But how much are you willing to pay to have a burger? I’ve previously posted about world’s most expensive items before, including America’s most expensive hamburgers, but the Glamburger is the priciest on Earth.

London restaurant Honky Tonk, in partnership with Groupon, put together this expensive hamburger, all to celebrate the sale of Groupon’s 5-millionth food and drink voucher.

The most expensive hamburger on Earth: the Glamburger

The Glamburger

What makes this hamburger so expensive? It contains the following pricy ingredients:

  • Kobe Wagyu beef
  • New Zealand venison
  • Canadian lobster
  • Maple syrup-coated bacon
  • Black truffle brie
  • Beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg

Together, they’re stacked between a gold leaf coated brioche bun; that bun is then laced with Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise, garnished with mango and champagne jus, and sprinkled with grated white truffle.

“After sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember,” said creator Chef Chris Large in a press release.

The most expensive hamburger on Earth: the Glamburger

The mouth-watering burger costs a whopping $1,800US (approx. $2,028CDN), and contains 2,618 calories; just over the daily calorie intake for adults. As part of the publicity stunt, Groupon also gave away one Glamburger to a member for free.

Even if you really loved your burgers, would you be willing to pay to indulge in the Glamburger? Share your thoughts.