IKEA is experimenting with adding bugs to their meatballs and burgers

At the rate we’re going there will be billions more hungry mouths putting a strain on the planet’s resources. However, eating bugs might be a solution. SPACE10, IKEA’s external innovation lab, has begun experimenting with putting mealworms and other bugs into their meatballs and burgers. More…

Halloween-themed blue burger is filled with ants and mealworms

Australian burger chain Huxtaburger will be offering a distinctly creepy burger on Halloween. And just so you know, the extra crunch in this burger isn’t from the crispy lettuce. Rather, it’s the healthy serving of mealworms.

Lego fan opens brick burger restaurant

Lego is a toy that has lasted more than 60 years and is still going strong. Go in to any toy shop and you’ll find a whole section dedicated to the stuff. There are theme parks almost literally built out of it and there’s even a…

The latest Instagram food trend is avocado burger buns

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Traditionally, hamburgers and other bbq are served on buns that come in all shapes and sizes. But I am reasonably certain there have never been avocado burger buns — that is, until now.

The newest Instagram food trend mashup: Sushi Burgers

The newest food trend mashup to grace our taste buds comes with a Japanese twist.

Fancy cheeseburgers inspired by US cities

Did you know that there’s a Cheese and Burger Society? I sure didn’t. But it’s not a silver spoon society that sits around in smoking jackets, sniffing cheeseburgers. They’re all about promoting recipes to delicious cheeseburgers that represent the unique flavours of America.

The most expensive hamburger on Earth: the Glamburger

Pretty much everyone who loves meat enjoys eating a mouth-watering hamburger; whether it’s off the grille or from their favourite restaurant. But how much are you willing to pay to have a burger? I’ve previously posted about world’s most expensive items before, including America’s most expensive hamburgers,…

The Holy Cow burger contains 17 different types of beef

Since it looks like no one eats normal burgers anymore, Red’s True Barbecue in England is offering a burger that features 17 types of beef! Aptly named The Holy Cow, this mammoth sandwich dwarfs your typical burger and contains a smidgen of tangy condiments.

Shake Shack in NYC unveils 5 delicious hamburgers for its 10th anniversary

To celebrate Shake Shack’s 10th anniversary at its original location in New York City’s Madison Square Park, Shake Shack has teamed up with some of New York’s most iconic chefs, including Daniel Boulud, David Chang and occasional Shake Shack collaborator Dominique Ansel.

Eight great topping combinations for your hamburger

The array of possible hamburger topping combinations is only limited the mind, or tastebuds. However, a great burger can include a wide variety of toppings that you might or might not have already considered.