Lego fan opens brick burger restaurant

Lego is a toy that has lasted more than 60 years and is still going strong. Go in to any toy shop and you’ll find a whole section dedicated to the stuff. There are theme parks almost literally built out of it and there’s even a Lego game series. And to top it all off, a Lego enthusiast in the Philippines has opened a restaurant that serves 10 different burgers, made with buns that resemble the stackable, colourful toy bricks.

Jergs Correa’s recent restaurant venture in Pasig, Philippines put a whole new meaning to the term “creative block”. At Brick Burger, guests can get toppings like mac and cheese, bacon bits, caramelized onions, and barbecue sauce. The buns have been made using a special Lego style mould, and are available in multiple Lego-appropriate shades. There’s a bright red burger bun, a black burger bun, and a yellow burger bun.

The burgers themselves are made using pure Australian beef. And alongside their brick burgers, the restaurant has Lego figurines placed all around, as well as giant Lego brick ceiling lights, and Lego style chairs. They even have Lego sets that customers can play with while they wait for their food to arrive at their table.

The restaurant’s menu is based off character names from The Lego Movie, such as “Lord Business”, “Wild Style”, and “Emmet”. The priciest burger on the menu is, fittingly, the Lord Business burger; a triple patty cheeseburger that costs ₱450 or about $11.76CDN.

If you’re really into Lego, you’ll probably like this place. Scroll down for more photos to build up an appetite or check out their Facebook. Would you check out the new kid on the block?