The newest food trend mashup: Sushi Burgers

We love to eat. We love to discover and experience new foods and flavours. To do this, we constantly create new food mashups, like churro ice cream sandwiches or even mac and cheese meatball sandwiches. However, the newest food trend mashup comes with a Japanese twist.

Sushi burgers are a Japanese take on an American comfort food; the latest food trend mashup to take over Instagram. First originating in Japan, and still seen on the menu of Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger, it’s now making the rounds on the internet with different variations you can easily recreated at home.

They’re usually made of sushi rice, formed in the shape of burger buns. They’re then packed with ingredients like raw fish, fried soft-shell crab, or American-styled favourites, like fried chicken or beef patties. The sushi burgers are then topped with things like avocado, spicy mayonnaise, pickled ginger, and red cabbage.

As you can see, they make for a photogenic dish. Would you like to try one?

Source: http://www.thedailymeal.com/news/eat/sushi-burgers-are-latest-trend-food-mashups/033116

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