Illustrated toilet paper kids can colour with their poo

If you’re a parent going through potty training with their child, teaching them how to wipe properly is an important step. But wiping can be quite complex — you need to know just how much toilet paper to use, whether to scrunch or to fold, what direction to swipe, etc.

Designed to help make potty training fun and strangely artistic, Japanese company Kleur has created an interesting product: illustrated toilet paper that kids can “colour” with their poo. PooPaint toilet paper provides your little guy or gal with various paper canvases on which they can create one masterpiece after another.

An independent study by Geometry Ogilvy Japan found that roughly 70 percent of parents felt overwhelmed by the task of potty training their children. Kids see it as a difficult time too, some finding the task boring, or they become frustrated and reluctantly to use the bathroom, making the whole process even more difficult for everyone involved.


Originally developed for Japanese early learning school Lohas Kids Center Clover, the toilet paper features cute line illustrations on each square. Strategically, each artwork features a “target” for the kids to “paint” with their poop: the body of a snail, a squirrel’s tail, a hamburger patty. You may be used to your kids gifting you with crappy art, but this is a whole new level.

PooPaint is available in Japan at ¥500 (C$6.07) for two rolls.