Bathroom spray uses real gold particles to remove odour

If a unicorn farted golden rainbows into a bottle, would you buy it? Even if it’s guaranteed to give you “the best-smelling poop of your life” or your money back? And no, you’re not having a scatological acid trip… but it might be the closest you’ll get.

Personal care company Squatty Potty, dubbed “the stool for better stools,” has launched its first brand extension; a toilet spray. Squatty Potty, originally known for its before-you-squat bathroom spray, has recently released a new campaign video featuring the brand’s iconic unicorn puppet in medieval times explaining how the spray works. Apparently made from bottled unicorn farts, the unique Unicorn Gold bathroom spray traps odours by forming a film on top of the water. Meanwhile, the gold nanoparticles capture any airborne smells.

“We’ve seen that with Hollywood movies, you can’t often find a sequel that’s as good or better than the original; and for ad campaigns, that’s even more true,” Benton Crane, managing director at the Harmon Brothers, tells AdFreak. “We knew it was a pretty tall order to do a sequel, but we were willing to take on the challenge. History will be the judge.”

The video combines what the Harmons do best – product demos mixed with cheeky humour interwoven and a direct-sell message. There’s also an outhouse explosion, a fart-capturing suction device and a reference to paying your taxes to Prince John.

Unicorn Gold comes in five scents: Citrus Squeeze, Pinch of Vanilla, Tropical Dropsicle, Mystic Forest, and Fruity Booty. All of which are available on their official website for $10US. Check out the amusing spot below.


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