Satisfy Oreo cookie creavings with delicious recipes

Probably one of the most iconic snacks on the market today is the Oreo cookie. They may be delicious on its own, or when you dunk them in milk, but they’re more versatile than you know.

Paper sample kit that doubles as a calendar

A graphic designer out of the United Kingdom named Adam Chescoe has come up with a smart way to promote paper company Fedrigoni’s paper sample kit. Showcasing their Woodstock range of paper, Adam has turned the paper samples into a calendar.

Smart contact lens with a built-in camera

It was revealed this month that Samsung has been granted a patent in South Korea for its smart contact lenses. It comprises a contact lens that houses a minute display, built-in camera, antenna and multiple sensors to detect movement via blinking. This sci-fi innovation is unfortunately only…

Paint swatchs used to create erotic artworks

A few weeks ago at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London, visual artist Nick Smith showcased a new series of artworks that were inspired by erotic literature.

How to quickly prepare for your job interview

Take a breath and don't stress out, there are ways you can quickly prepare for your interview.

The Swedish number: Talk to a random Swede

Sweden has just became the first country to get its very own telephone number. You can now call “The Swedish Number” at +46 771 SWEDEN (+46 771 793 336), which will connect callers from around the world with random Swedes who have signed up to be de facto…

The newest food trend mashup: Sushi Burgers

We love to eat. We love to discover and experience new foods and flavours. To do this, we constantly create new food mashups, like churro ice cream sandwiches or even mac and cheese meatball sandwiches. However, the newest food trend mashup comes with a Japanese twist.

Brutally honest parody of makeup ads

In the latest of their “Honest Ads” series, the YouTube comedy channel Cracked shows us their brutally honest parody of makeup ads.

World’s first timepiece made from real moon rock

Have you ever wonder what the government did with all the moon rock they brought back from the 1960s and 1970s? In Russia’s case, they apparently finds a partner and sell some of it off to people with too much disposable income.

Hyperrealistic finger paintings of icebergs

At first glance, these images of glaciers and icebergs on cold, tranquil seas look like they were professionally photographed. It may surprise you to learn that they’re not photographs, they’re enormous, soft pastel finger paintings. 

Common design terms taken literally

Graphic design, like any profession, is full of terms and acronyms that not everyone is familiar with. Most people don’t understand what crop marks are or what bleed marks mean, because they don’t speak designer. However, if you’re in the design industry, words like typeface or letterpress are quite ordinary.

Tiny detailed illustrations on pencil tops

Do you love to draw or sketch? If so, then you’ll want to check out this wonderful series from studio 1924‘s illustrator and designer Christian Watson. What’s amazing about this series is how small they are – and by that I mean they’re micro.