Top 5 satisfying Oreo cookie-craving recipes

Probably one of the most iconic snacks on the market today is the Oreo cookie. And while they’re delicious on their own — or when you dunk them in milk — they’re more versatile than you know.

Paper sample kit that doubles as a calendar

This calendar is meant to fulfill graphic designers’ need to meet and track the deadlines of their projects.

This smart contact lens has its own built-in camera

Samsung's contact lens houses a minute display, built-in camera, antenna and multiple sensors.

Paint swatchs used to create erotic artworks

A few weeks ago at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London, visual artist Nick Smith showcased a new series of artworks that were inspired by erotic literature.

How to quickly prepare for your job interview

Take a breath and don't stress out, there are ways you can quickly prepare for your interview.

Do you want to talk to a random Swede? Call the Swedish Number

To celebrate 250 years of free speech and encourage tourism, Sweden gave itself its own phone number.

The newest Instagram food trend mashup: Sushi Burgers

The newest food trend mashup to grace our taste buds comes with a Japanese twist.

Brutally honest parody of makeup ads

YouTube comedy channel Cracked shows us their brutally honest parody of makeup ads.

World’s first timepiece made from real moon rock

This watch is the world’s first timepiece to be made from a solid piece of genuine moon rock.

You can feel the chill from these hyperrealistic iceberg finger paintings

Zaria Forman has masterfully recreated the complex details of icebergs with nothing but her bare fingers.

What if common design terms were taken literally?

For those of us who do understand common design terms, this series of illustrations gives them a literal spin.