What if common design terms were taken literally?

Getting thrown into the world of graphic design can sometimes feel like learning a new language. Graphic design, like any profession, is full of terms and acronyms that not everyone outside of the industry is familiar with. Most people don’t understand what crop marks are or what bleed marks mean because they don’t speak designer. However, for the rest of us, words like typeface or letterpress are quite common design terms.

Kerning, tracking, warm colours, cool colours, CMYK, RGB; there are a lot of technical terms thrown around and it can get confusing at the best of times. For those of us who do understand, illustrator Caisa Nilaseca has teamed up with DesignTAXI to create a series of illustrations that take common design terms we know and give them a literal spin. Take a look below, or check out other puns, like humorous CSS puns that web designers can relate to, or other illustrated puns.

Common design term: Letterpress
Typeface: Common design term taken literally
Pantone design term
Web Design
The term 'bleed'

Joining the ranks of any profession is the same as committing yourself to learn an entirely new language, most of which is frankly gibberish. However, if you have a favourite common design term that you’d like illustrated, you can message DesignTAXI with a tweet or on Facebook.


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