Funny CSS puns that web designers can relate to

Cascading Style Sheets — better known as CSS — is a coding language that defines how content on a web page is to be displayed. That content includes colours, borders, fonts, backgrounds and more. And while the job of a web designer can be a frustrating pain in the ass, these humorous puns can help you see the lighter side of things.

Web designers are all too familiar with style sheets, but if you have a basic knowledge of it you’ll get a laugh out of some of these puns. Inspired by a thread on Reddit comes a list of funny puns compiled by Digital Synopsis. Take a look at just a few of the puns that I’ve selected from from the list.

Cascading style sheet puns

position: absolute
visibility: hidden
Moses funny CSS pun
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Funny puns inspired by CSS for web designers
color: #BADA55
1% joke
Funny CSS pun about IKEA
Funny Yo Mamma joke

View the full list here or share some of your own below. If you liked the post, you can also take a look at some designer fears.