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The 4 traits of good vs great designers

There are plenty of bad designers out there, but there are also lots of good ones. A good designer is someone who has an eye for what works and what doesn’t; they’re more than confident with their design skills and can adapt to what’s asked of them. Being a good designer also has a lot to do with the way you work. Sure, you can’t teach good design, but it never hurts to learn a few new tricks, or simply make the most of your talents.Continue Reading..


Awesome three-piece Pac-Man suit and tie

The little yellow man with the big mouth finally has his own suit. If you’re a fan of the classic arcade game Pac-Man, then you’ll probably be geeking-out over this awesome Pac-Man suit by Oppo SuitContinue Reading..


This stylish custom bicycle is guaranteed to turn heads

With traffic gridlock, parking and pollution becoming more of a problem, people are turning to more environmental transportation: bicycling. Custom bicycle manufacturer Ono Bikes hopes to take custom bicycle creation to another level with their stylish designs.

Continue Reading..

Funny CSS puns that web designers can relate to

Cascading Style Sheets—better known as CSS—is a coding language that defines how content on a web page is to be displayed. That content includes colours, borders, fonts, backgrounds and more. And while the job of a web designer can be a frustrating pain in the ass, CSS puns can help you see the lighter side of it.Continue Reading..


How typography can help boost a brand

To creatives and designers, typography has never played a more crucial role to boost a brand than it does today. Your brand is more than a logo; it’s the emotion that consumers associate a brand with when using your product or service. Continue Reading..


The 4 elements of a successful creative pitch

Coming up with creative ideas is easy; selling those ideas to strangers is the hard part. When doing a creative pitch, you’ve only got shot to win your client and ensure they don’t reject your ideaContinue Reading..


Ten creative ways to tie a necktie

These days it’s all about looking dapper. But instead of looking like everyone else, apparel website ShirtsMyWay has created a comprehensive tutorial that shows you how to tie a necktie.Continue Reading..


Decorate your beard with mini baubles

Are you into the ugly sweater trend? If not, try a different look this holiday season. Christmas baubles are usually meant for trees, but large-bearded men are using them to decorate their face instead.Continue Reading..


Fashion styles around the world in 80 hats

All cultures of the world use the clothes they wear to define how they live, work, and respect their history. Featuring 80 culturally significant hats around the world, booking website Venere has created an infographic that allows you to discover a lot about a country’s history and culture from what its people wear.Continue Reading..


What’s your designer star sign?

According to Creative Director Liza Enebeis, there are 12 types of designers out there. To do this, she consults her inner Zodiac to bring you your designer star sign. Find yours and discover what it has to offer.Continue Reading..


Humorous comic depicts the styles of writing

No matter what the genre, a good writer needs to set the mood for their readers. Understanding the different styles of writing can give perspective into taking a blank page and figuring out how to mix things up to get the words flowing.Continue Reading..