Discover the annoying types of office personalities

if you're not sure what to look out for, this infographic will help you identify the more annoying office personalities.

A crazy recipe on how to make deep fried tequila shots

Creative chef Amy Erickson from Oh Bite It has come up with a crazy recipe that teaches you how to make deep fried tequila shots. Making this sinful snack involves making an angel food cake, cutting it up into small cubes, and soaking them in the golden…

The greatest fears that a gamer can relate to

As someone who has grown up playing video games, I know there are fears that gamers can relate to; like when you die, but forgot to save. 

Do you think you should you shave today?

A popular method for both men and women, having a shave is a good short term fix for unwanted body hair. Waxing, however, requires a good level of hair growth (not too long, though) before it can be carried out. It’s also sometimes painful.

A beautifully shot video shows how fedoras are made

In a society of mass production it’s easy for people to forget the importance of making something by hand. In Venice Beach, California, Nick Fouquet designs hand-crafted fedoras.

An elegant necklace that’s also a vibrator

Wearable technology has never been more… pleasurable. This elegant necklace by design-focused sex toy company CRAVE is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a vibrator.

What not to say to a photographer

Bing a photographer is a complicated and sometimes challenging job, requiring talent and knowledge. But that doesn’t stop some people from treating them like free photo dispensers. 

101 places to get fucked up before you die

When you travel, do you like to stare at ancient manuscripts in museums? Or perhaps ogle the oil paintings at the art gallery? If getting fucked up is more your style, then here’s a book for you.

Find out how people consume meat around the world

Where’s the beef? With all the BBQs flaming this summer, if you consume meat then you’re probably thinking of a nice juicy burger or steak right now. Lets face it, the world loves meat. And I know that there are plenty of vegetarians and vegans out…

If the 90s were a movie, this would be its trailer

Has anyone else noticed that Hollywood has no new ideas? It seems all they make these days are remakes of toys, cartoons, and franchises from the 80s and 90s.

The world’s most expensive cupcake costs $900US

I’ve previously featured the most expensive doughnut – which costs a whopping $1825CDN. Keeping with pastries, Lisa Sanguedolce, owner of Le Dolci bakery, has created the most expensive cupcake; beating the previous record holding $764CDN cupcake with her $982CDN creation.

An alphabet poster series inspired by The Beatles

A fan of The Beatles, Tumblr user Lexi wanted to pay tribute to her favourite band. Using her knowledge of the band, she imagined each letter of the alphabet corresponding to a word that relates to their legendary history, band member’s name, or song title.