Discover the annoying types of office personalities

There are plenty of workplaces full of office politics and everyone involved has their own unique office personalities. Often you’re trying to watch out for the Backstabber or trying to avoid getting stuck listening to the Chatterbox. However, if you’re not sure what to look out for, then this infographic by National Pen will help you identify the thirteen more annoying office personalities found in every workplace. Take a look below and see if you can spot who’s who in your office:

Infographic: Discover 13 annoying office personalities

13 personality types in every office

The Passive Aggressor

Though not openly complaining that someone else isn’t working as hard, this person can’t help but mention how late he or she stayed last night; or commenting on the insane amount of workload. They also leave annoying post-it notes like, “When the coffee pot is empty, please refill it and be considerate to others. Thank you.”


This person pretends to be your friend just long enough to make it really hurt when they steal your ideas or badmouth you to management. They creepily watch your every move and next thing you know, they steal your idea, get a raise and a corner office with a view.

The Kitchen Slob

This person heats up fish in the microwave, spreading the disgusting stench throughout the whole office for an entire week. They stick burritos in the microwave that explode, spill coffee over the counter, leave mouldy food in the fridge and dirty dishes in the sink.


Everyone avoids people with these office personalities like the plague. As soon as they open their mouth, you know you’ll be tortured with a 30-minute long, boring story. Whether anyone is listening or not, the Chatterbox can’t keep their thoughts to themselves… Ever.

The Delegator

For some reason, bosses think they have excellent time management skills. Constantly delegating tasks to others, this person never actually does any of their own work. When they walk around the office it’s like a drive-by shooting; flinging folders onto desks and promptly demanding you to “report back by 3 pm”.


Aggressive, independent, ambitious, volatile and rigid office personalities, Workaholics are always first in the office and last to leave. The Workaholic eats, sleeps and breathes work, looking down on co-workers who actually have a life.

The Noisemaker

They know they infuriate everyone around them. They’ll still whistle, sing, hum, crack their knuckles and pop their gum. The Noisemaker never has their phone on vibrate, talk in speaker mode and listen to music without headphones.

Meeting Scheduler

They’d love to do nothing more than having a meeting every day, all day, 365 days a year. It’s truly their favourite activity. So much so, that you can probably envision them calling a dinner meeting at home, or scheduling a bedtime story meeting with their kids.

The Gossiper

This person lives for the latest office scandal, whether it’s true or not. They’ll spend all day discussing a co-worker’s troubled marriage, weird eating habits, who are on the verge of getting fired, salary differentials, and who’s going home with who.

Over-Ambitious Intern

The intern seemed great at first, but now they’re popping over your shoulder like whack-a-mole from hell. Now they’re more of a headache than help and you’re counting the days until they go back to school.

The Debbie Downer

All they do is complain about their co-workers, workload, management and corporate politics. Yet, they’ve worked here for years and will probably never leave.

Email Overloader

Flooding your inbox with unimportant emails, they feel they need to send something. Whether it’s a relevant document to only a few people in the department, or yet another hilariously cute photo of their cat, the Email Overloader doesn’t consider how necessary the email is before CCing the entire office.

The TMI Sharer

This person has no sensor what-so-ever. They share everything from embarrassing health issues to intimate details about their sex lives. HR has probably warned these office personalities on multiple occasions, yet they continue to act unprofessionally.

So, which of these office personalities are you? If you haven’t figured it out, perhaps ask a co-worker what they think. Of course, they might not answer. In which case, you should find out if your co-workers hate you.