A crazy recipe on how to make deep fried tequila shots

Creative chef Amy Erickson from Oh Bite It has come up with a crazy recipe that teaches you how to make deep fried tequila shots. Making this sinful snack involves making an angel food cake, cutting it up into small cubes, and soaking them in the golden booze. These cubes are then deep fried and served.


“I am not a trained Chef, and I don’t take food too seriously..I just find it fun to keep things interesting in the kitchen!” says Amy.

Want to make these yourself? Here’s how:

Deep fried tequila shot ingredients:

  • Sponge Cake / Angel Food Cake
  • Tequila
  • Canola Oil
  • Powdered Sugar for frosting
  • The frosted rim:
  • Just dip it into some frosting, and into some Lime Zest


Just cube up the Angel Food Cake into small squares..that can pop into your mouth.
Dip it quickly into the tequila (keep in mind, the more you dip..the stronger they will be)

Now gently place them into a 350 degree pot of 2″ Oil.
Fry them up until they’re golden on all sides…

Let them cool on some paper towel. Then make up your shot glasses if you’d like.

A nice sprinkle of Powdered Sugar drives them all the way home.

“I really don’t know how to describe theses one of a kind treats, other than maybe.. try to envision a sweet and subtle tequila flavour all suspended inside a soaked until moist, melt in your mouth bite of sweet cake that tastes like funnel cake.”

What do you think—would you try this decadent snack? For other boozy recipes, learn how to make alcohol-infused Oreo cookies.