The 2 types of email users: Which are you?

All email users have their own unique habits, it seems. I’ve known some who have to read every single email that comes through their inbox. And I’ve known others who have completely opposite habits, only checking what’s at the top… sometimes.

How many emails do you get in a day? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? You’re not alone. In 2013 alone, marketers sent over 838 billion emails—and that’s not counting the messages you get from work and friends.

Types of email users according to Google

According to one of the biggest and most popular email clients, Gmail, email users fall into one of six categories.

Organized email users are the ones that read an email and might even take the time to sort each one out into labels and folders. Their email is checked regularly. Unorganized users apparently just have email to get emails. They aren’t labeling, they don’t delete, and they certainly don’t read everything. Their inbox is a jumbled mess of unread emails from all kinds of different senders.

Readers, on the other hand, typically read every email by simply opening it. They don’t necessarily read or reply to the email, but they might mark it as unread to signify its importance. These people simply open emails to remove that little number beside their inbox. Deleters actively go through their inbox and delete junk mail and anything else they don’t want to read. Anything left not deleted signifies its importance or sense of being incomplete.

And then there’s the Skimmer. This group of people regularly goes through their inboxes looking over from addresses and subject lines. Anything that catches their eye will be read, but if it doesn’t get read then its ok. They really don’t mind if they have hundreds or even thousands of unread emails listed in their inbox.

Finally we come to the Super User. These email users have it all figured out; email is their number one priority. Each email is marked with labels and sorted in folders and archived. Chances are they know all the keyboard shortcuts and know exactly what they’ve subscribed to.

The two types of email users

If six types of users make email marketing too difficult, email app CloudMagic has created a series of graphics that narrows it down for you. They humorously illustrate two kinds of email users that we all fall into. Take a look below. You probably won’t be able to help but nod your head in agreement on how true these are.

The 2 types of email users