Infographic: What does your style of beer says about you?

As we head into Canada Day, with all the celebrations I thought that it would be a good time to talk about beer. Everyone has their own go-to brew. Whether yours is a light lager or a dark ale, your style of beer reveals more than…

The top 10 fonts designers love to hate. Is your on the list?

There are certain fonts that designers love to hate for one reason or another—either due to their overuse or ugliness. Sometimes it’s because of just a few characters; sometimes it’s the whole design.

28 bizarre vending machines from around the world

Vending machines have evolved from the days of old candy and stale coffee; they’re now changing the way we live our lives. But if you think they still only stocked with snacks, think again. These days, vending machines distribute all sorts of goods.

Artist transform famous paintings into Batman-themed pop art

A massive Batman fan, Los Angeles-based artist Vartan Garnikyan has been putting his love of the Caped Crusader on canvas. Vartan’s transformed famous paintings, duplicating their styles and turning them into Batman-themed pop art.

What not to say on your first day at work

It's natural to want to fit in. However, many people end up trying too hard, and talk when they should listen.

The 2 types of email users: Which are you?

All email users have their own unique habits, it seems. I’ve known some who have to read every single email that comes through their inbox. And I’ve known others who have completely opposite habits, only checking what’s at the top… sometimes.

A device that simulates tomorrow’s weather in a box

There are plenty of weather apps that you can download to see tomorrow’s conditions, but where’s the fun in that? Designed by Ken Kawanmoto, this fascinating weather device elegantly simulates tomorrow’s forecast in a small translucent box.

Analyzing the signatures of tech entrepreneurs

Your signature is unique to you. It’s a mark that represents you on important documents; something that allows people to trust that what it represents came from you. But did you know that signatures can indicate over 5,000 personality traits?

Learn how to swear like the British

Once the use of profanities in public was outright appalling to most in general society. Nowadays, swear words like fuck, shit and bollocks are just part of normal conversation. In fact, a recent study in the UK found that people are more comfortable with swearing on television…

The ultimate global hot dog style guide

A summer food staple, hot dogs are cheap, delicious and they can be dressed up or dressed down with little to no effort. And while America has its fair share of variations on the hot dog, there’s an entire world of hot dog style to consider.

What if apps needed pick-up lines?

A lot of time has been spent debating whether pick-up lines are the best way to get someone’s attention or not. But what if your favourite apps and websites needed pick-up lines to get your attention?

Toothpaste campaign shows how a smile changes the story

A simple smile has more power than you might think. No matter where you are in the world, what language you speak, or social status, a smile will always be understood. And this is the focus of a print campaign by toothpaste brand Crest.