Artist transform famous paintings into Batman-themed pop art

A massive Batman fan, Los Angeles-based artist Vartan Garnikyan has been putting his love of the Caped Crusader on canvas. Vartan’s transformed famous paintings, duplicating their styles and turning them into Batman-themed pop art.

Working professionally with movie studios for over 10 years, Vartan’s created posters, standees, DVD boxes, and other promotional materials. It’s only been in the last few years that he’s began to experiment with his own works. Each of his paintings require a well thought-out plan before spending months working on it. However, Vartan tries to paint a new classic Batman piece every year.

His most popular painting, titled Starry Knight, is an adaptation of Vincent Van Gogh’s beloved painting. It features a scene of The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight film. Yet, while it’s his most popular piece, he’s also had some negative feedback over the years with people saying things like, “This isn’t art, you’re disgracing a masterpiece”; as if by creating the artwork was an insult to the original artists.

Staryy Knight

Vartan Garnikyan Batman-themed pop art: Starry Knight

While some might see it as an insult, Vartan sees it as paying homage to them; it’s his way of helping artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci keep trending after all these centuries. Vartan believes that people have become indifferent with classic art these days and that they’ve lost interest in the past. However, he feels especially accomplished when people comment on his paintings on Instagram and when they ask questions like “when was the original painted?”

American Gotham

Vartan Garnikyan Batman-themed pop art: American Gotham

Screaming Leto

Vartan Garnikyan Batman-themed pop art: Screaming LetoHello, Beautiful

Vartan Garnikyan Batman-themed pop art: Hello, Beautiful

His Instagram account is packed with more of his pop art renderings, or you can visit his gallery.


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