Infographic: What does your style of beer says about you?

As we head into Canada Day, with all the celebrations I thought that it would be a good time to talk about beer. Everyone has their own go-to brew. Whether yours is a light lager or a dark ale, your style of beer reveals more than you think about your personality.

Designed by Steve Adams at Bite.ca, this infographic is all about figuring out someone’s personality; just by looking at his or her choice of pint. Take a look at the humorous infographic below and see what you think.


Infographic: What your style of beer says about you

What your style of beer says about you

  • Pilsner: You’re efficient and direct, never taking time to explore. You may not even read the rest of this.
  • Light Lager: You have a lot of guilt stored up and your best days are behind you.
  • Lager: You drink this in-between fights.
  • Amber Ale: The amber is an escape from your bland history and acceptance of the bolder you.
  • Bock: You have the class of James Bond, but the habit of a drunk mother at a family gathering.
  • Cream Ale: Your disregard for your health is admirable, if not a burden on Canada’s healthcare system.
  • Blonde: You wear unconventional hats. That is all.
  • Pumpkin Ale: Lets date.
  • Fruit Wheat: You’re not afraid of what others think of you.
  • Wheat Beer: You’re a naturalist in every way. You’re probably even naked as you read this.
  • Bitter: You’re actually fairly positive overall, when you’re not complaining about your ex of course. You do a lot of that unfortunately.
  • Oatmeal Stout: You appear soft like a stuffed teddy, but could win an arm wrestling competition any day of the week.
  • Stout: You’ve grown thick skin, and could probably battle smaller species of bears.
  • Brown Ale: You feel no one respects you since the war.
  • Hoppy India Pale Ale: You embrace change and constantly seek to overcome yourself. Just as Nietzsche wanted.
  • Dark Ale: You’re aggressive and cantankerous, hiding a heart of gold.

Does your favourite style of beer reflect you? Make sure to pick your style of beer carefully from now on. You don’t want to give out the wrong impression. And for designers, discover a beer that could help you reach your creative peak.

Source: http://www.bite.ca/bitedaily/2012/08/what-your-style-of-beer-says-about-you/

Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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