Ride in style with hologram-like display for bicycle wheels

Do enjoy riding your bicycle? I’ve previously done a few posts on bike technology that you should check out; like Poland’s glow-in-the-dark bicycle path or even the world’s first spokeless smart bike. But if you want to stay safe when biking at night or in the evening and want to look cool, then this wheel display system is for you.

California-based company MonkeyLectric created a bicycle wheel display system that projects hologram-like images to both sides of your wheel. Mount the Monkey Light Pro to your bicycle wheels and take your message to the streets. It has 4 bars of LEDs that are attached together inside your wheel. The display kicks in when you start rolling, producing a visual show while the bike is operating. That is as long as you’re within 15 to 50km/h.


You can use MonkeyLectric’s web-based software to create a playlist with your own images and animations. You can upload your content (JPG, GIF, MOV, MPEG, etc.) via bluetooth. Or you can choose from a collection of custom artwork created by MonkeyLectric.


It works in any weather, is designed for use on city streets and costs roughly $1,000US. However, simpler versions are available for $25-60; all of which will fit common bicycle wheels. Now, even road safety looks awesome!

monkeylectric-bicycle-wheels-led-display-3 monkeylectric-bicycle-wheels-led-display-4

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/monkey-light-bike-lights-monkeylectric/?_t=1&_f=featured