Instagram’s latest lip art trend brings us crystallized lips

Instagram has a tremendous influence over the beauty industry. If something starts catching on via the social media platform, it’s sure to make waves with fashionistas everywhere. The newest beauty rage amongst these make-up addicts is now crystallized lips. 

From minimalist jewellery to cosmetic infusions, it seems like everyone is using the crystallized look. Based in New York City, makeup artist Johanna Adams is replicating geodes on human lips; and the results are nothing short of mesmerizing.

“I use a combination of a heavy glitter, a colour base, and a thick clear gloss. It’s a process of mixing and layering that develops the crystal look.”

This form of amazing artwork is a laborious process, requiring around an hour to complete a pair of lips. When finished, these crystallized lips look absolutely incredible, if not totally impractical.

Originally a fan of amethyst and quartz, Johanna is the first and one of the most talented to have posted pictures of her crystallized lips. So much so that plenty of great makeup brands have reposted her photos and applaud her talent. Check out more of her amazing creations below, and follow her on Instagram for more of her incredible work.