Puzzle book requires solving each page before reading

The downside to finding a really good book is that it’s over before you want it to be. But that won’t be the case with this five page book. That’s because you’ll need to solve a complex mechanical puzzle on each page before you can turn to the next.


Not many books are as difficult to read as the Codex Silenda. The laser-cut, hand-crafted, five-page wooden book is created by industrial designer Brady Whitney. Each page features a unique puzzle; requiring the reader to unlock the corresponding bolts in order to progress to the next page. Within the pages of the Codex Silenda is a short story about an apprentice in Da Vinci’s workshop who stumbles across a similar tome. The version they find however, is actually a trap created by the artist. You’ll need to help them solve the puzzle in order for them to escape. But don’t worry, the only thing truly at risk is your own sanity as you try to solve these five unique puzzles.


So what inspired the puzzle book? According to Whitney, the problem with puzzles today is they’re either simple and cheap or complex and expensive. Once you’ve solved either type of puzzle, you know the solution and have no desire to ever play with it again. Whitney’s solution is to offer five puzzles in one with an intriguing story that ties everything together. The puzzle book even has a hidden storage compartment and is beautiful enough to put on display in your home.


The Codex Silenda puzzle book isn’t just a custom creation for you to geek-out over. Whitney plans to mass-produce the book in a limited run after he used a Kickstarter campaign to raise more than six times its original $30,000 goal.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to assemble the codex yourself. All of the $150 pre-assembled versions have already been spoken for. Which means if you’re buying the puzzle book for the challenge of solving it yourself, you best ask someone else to assemble it.
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If you want one, then you’ll have to wait until the store is up and running.


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