A unique watch made of lightweight and durable concrete

Concrete may seem an unlikely design material when talking about consumer goods, but the Masonic aims to change this perception. This debut watch from Aggregate Watches is the first to utilize a traditionally industrial material in a refined way.

Launched on Kickstarter, this fresh take on a traditional timepiece has a concrete dial and bezel made from a proprietary concrete blend. While you might think of concrete being heavy, this watch is lightweight, water resistant, and durable enough for everyday wear.

Masonic watch made of lightweight and durable concrete

With a spectacular bespoke design, the Masonic’s features complement each other to create a beautiful, minimal, and sophisticated look. It has aesthetics entirely of its own and will definitely appeal to timepiece aficionados who like to put something a little different on their wrist from time to time.

Each component of the concrete watch has been thoughtfully crafted to be attuned in its design. Thus creating a seamless, clean case without the lugs seen in traditional two-piece strap watches. The top-grain leather strap is one piece and can be interchanged by simply removing the back of the case.

Masonic watch made of lightweight and durable concrete

The Masonic watch has been designed in a number of different colour styles including Oat Brown, Navy and Gravel; all help to accent the somewhat stark concrete design of the main watch unit. More colours are said to be unlocked as the different levels of funding goals on Kickstarter are achieved.

The Masonic watch is the design work of Jonathan Thai and Mike Yim of Aggregate Watches. Crafted to make it one of the most unique timepieces that you’ll ever come across, get the one for yourself from Kickstarter; Super Early Bird prices start at $129US.

Masonic watch made of lightweight and durable concrete

The Masonic Concrete Watch

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