Artist turns old pocket watches into miniature worlds

Inside old pocket watches, tiny figurines are placed among little homes, workplaces, and even forests.

A unique watch made of lightweight and durable concrete

Concrete may seem an unlikely design material when talking about consumer goods, but the Masonic aims to change this perception. This debut watch from Aggregate Watches is the first to utilize a traditionally industrial material in a refined way.

World’s first timepiece made from real moon rock

This watch is the world’s first timepiece to be made from a solid piece of genuine moon rock.

Swiss movement watches inspired by camera designs

Photographers might enjoy these watches that combine elements of classic and modern cameras.

This steampunk Tesla Watch is the coolest way to tell time

There are numerous creations that have been fashioned in honour of inventor Nikola Tesla, and this steampunk-style analog Tesla Watch from ThinkGeek is one of the coolest.

This humorous ad mocks the Apple Watch with simplicity

Sometimes “smart” is simple. Created to promote Detroit-based Shinola’s Runwell watch, they’ve unveiled a humorous print ad that mercilessly skewers the technological capabilities of the Apple Watch.