This humorous ad mocks the Apple Watch with simplicity

Sometimes “smart” is simple. Created to promote Detroit-based Shinola’s Runwell watch, they’ve unveiled a humorous print ad that mercilessly skewers the technological capabilities of the Apple Watch.

At US$550, the Runwell is almost the same price as the lower-end US$549 Apple Watch. Apple’s work like a smartphone strapped to your wrist; you can make and receive calls, text message, email, listen to music, but only in conjunction with an iPhone. The Runwell, however, markets its traditional two-handed timepiece simplicity.

This humorous ad mocks the Apple Watch with simplicity

The ad copy riffs on that theme: Smart enough that you don’t need to charge it at night. Smart enough that it will never need a software upgrade. Smart enough that version 1.0 won’t need to be replaced next year, or in the many decades that follow. Built by the watchmakers of Detroit to last a lifetime or longer under the terms and conditions of the Shinola guarantee.

While the watch is definitely old-school, the sarcasm is certainly modern day. Now that you’ve seen the Runwell, take a look at what you can get for the price of a Gold Apple Watch.


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