How to really annoy a graphic designer

“Can you make the logo design bigger?” Probably the most heard and most annoying thing you can say to a graphic designer. And if that sentence has your blood boiling, it’s likely that you’re a graphic designer.

Portable device lets you match any colour

Have you ever come across a brightly coloured wall or a beautiful flower and wondered ‘what is that colour, because I want to use it in my design?’ Photographers and designers alike are really picky about colour. With a single tap, the Cube removes the guess-work from colour-matching…

Pepsi Light packaging looks like a dumbbell

People in Brazil are finding unconventional ways to work out and strength train these days, so to Pepsi has created some ‘lightweight’ workout equipment. The soda brand recently unveiled its newest campaign for Pepsi Light (which is the name for Diet Pepsi in a few other countries)…

Vintage books transformed into mountain landscapes

If you're a lover of vintage books, then you might want to shy away from this.

Need a sugar fix? How about a doughnut ice cream cone

Move over cronut, this latest edition to food porn comes from Prague, Czech Republic. The trdelník chimney doughnut ice cream cone is filled with soft-serve and sold at Good Food Coffee and Bakery.

Weird writing habits of famous authors

Famous authors are notorious for their daily routines – sometimes outrageous, obsessive, and peculiar. How they write and on what seem to be a recurring theme of personal idiosyncrasy.

How to write an About Me page to get hired

If you’re like me, trying to write about yourself is hard, and knowing that it’s for potential employers is even worse. You don’t want to sound cocky or like a snob. This one page on your website will summarize who you are, what you do,…

Makeup Artist transforms lips into sexy art

Beautiful works of art can be found in almost any place these days, and body painting (like that of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue) is nothing new. However, this particular canvas by Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed  is her own lips.

Start the week with humorous Monday Punday illustrations

Do you dread having to drag yourself into work on Monday? A lot of people do. Justine Morrison is a Sydney-based graphic designer and illustrator is one of those people with a hatred for Mondays. So to give people a laugh on the dreaded first day of the week in…

Idyllic places to go if the world ends tomorrow

Where on Earth are the best choices for riding out the coming apocalypse?

Swiss movement watches inspired by camera design

After 200 years of popularity, the wrist watch is slowly dying out because of smartphone technology. However, just because their being used less, doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some beautiful designs out there. If you’re a photographer, then you might enjoy these watches that…

Glass data discs that store 360 TB for eons

If you keep all your designs, photos, or writing on a computer, you know that it’s important to have a backup just in case. Relying on sturdy, state-of-the-art hard drives to store our most valuable data is almost always an unwise decision. These devices are often at…