10 ways people really annoy graphic designers

"Can you make the logo design bigger?" is probably the most heard and most annoying thing you can say.

Cube device matches any colour you find around you

Despite the many apps and gadgets out there, Cube detects, measures and quantifies colour.

Pepsi Light packaging resembles a dumbbell

Pepsi unveiled its newest campaign for Pepsi Light that features its product in dumbbell shaped bottles.

Vintage books transformed into mountain landscapes

If you're a lover of vintage books, then you might want to shy away from this.

Need a sugar fix? How about a donut ice cream cone

If sweet stuff is your thing, the donut ice cream cone is a tantalizing alternative to the classic cone or wafer.

Do your weird writing habits relate to those of famous authors?

Everyone has their own unique habits that help them to be more creative. Here are some from famous writers.

Makeup artist transforms her lips into sexy art

Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed uses her own lips to show off her talent by turning them into sexy art.

Start off Monday with humorously illustrated puns

Justine Morrison wanted to give people in the office a laugh on the most dreadful day of the week.

Idyllic places to go if the world ends tomorrow

Where on Earth are the best choices for riding out the coming apocalypse?

Swiss movement watches inspired by camera designs

Photographers might enjoy these watches that combine elements of classic and modern cameras.

Glass data discs capable of storing 360 TB for eons

Researchers at the University of Southampton have announced they’ve figured out how to store huge amounts of data on small glass discs.