Need a sugar fix? How about a donut ice cream cone

Move over cronut, this latest edition to food porn comes from Prague, Czech Republic. The trdelník chimney donut ice cream cone is filled with soft-serve ice cream and sold at Good Food Coffee and Bakery. If sweet stuff is your thing, the donut ice cream cone is a tantalizing alternative to the classic cone or wafer. Made from cinnamon and sugar covered dough and filled with ice cream, this very non-traditional take on the traditional Czech cinnamon pastry has been making the rounds on social media.

“We were looking for a good summer product as we thought that the original chimney is not suitable for hot summer days. We tried many different combinations before finding out that the trdelník with vanilla ice cream is really delicious! Funny, it’s still a bestseller even in the winter time.”

The cones are based on trdelníks, also known as “chimney cakes,” a hollow, cylindrical Czech pastry. Then they’re lined with Nutella or berry compote and filled to the brim with ice cream — or whipped cream and strawberries.

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If you’re looking for more ice creamy goodness, then take a look at black ice cream or a unique flavour from the UK: Fish’n chips ice cream.

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