Ice cream cone floating in a cotton candy cloud

Today’s weather is cloudy with a chance of soft-serve ice cream. Ice cream cones are already wonderful treats, but one genius ice cream shop has made it more heavenly by surrounding the cone with cotton candy. The result is a gorgeously dreamy dessert that makes it look like it’s floating on a cloud.

A newly-opened dessert café in London called Milk Train is serving these ice cream cones with a huge swirl of cloud-like cotton candy. With an extra £1, you can elevate your dessert experience by adding the candy floss to your soft serve. This treat is available in three ice cream flavours: vanilla, matcha and hojicha. They also come with a selection of toppings such as cookies and popcorn. A matcha cone with candy floss is priced at £4.95 (around $7.32 CDN).

Naturally, these photogenic treats are causing quite a stir on social media, with the cotton candy cones quickly taking over Instagram.

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