Would you try fish and chips flavoured ice cream?

Ice cream is a popular treat that is enjoyed around the world. Fish and chips, however, is a traditional British dish which is popular with tourists. And now ice cream and fish and chips fans can get their fix together.

Teare Wood’s Ice Cream Parlour is selling the unusually flavoured frozen dessert, using bits of real battered cod, deep-fried potatoes and mushy peas. Brought together in perfect harmony thanks to Shayne Teare; the luxury ice cream parlour in Whitby, Yorkshire has invented fish and chips flavoured ice cream. It’s then served in a cone with a single chip acting as the flake of the dish.

Would you try fish and chips flavoured ice cream?

“The guys at the chippy thought I was mad,” Shayne said. “But it was really easy. And it’s actually quite nice; kind of like a savoury fish cake but a bit more sweet.”

This isn’t the first time the parlour, which has been open for four years, has experimented with unusual flavours. Teare Wood’s Ice Cream Parlour has previously produced corned beef, coconut korma and roasted garlic flavoured ice cream.

“Garlic was horrible, really bad. But it turns out you can make pretty much anything into ice cream. There’s no way we’re going to serve this to the public though.”

Would you try fish and chips flavoured ice cream?

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Source: http://www.shortlist.com/instant-improver/food/fish-and-chip-flavoured-ice-cream
Images: Ross Parry/SWNS

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