World’s most dangerous ice cream Is 500 times spicier than Tabasco sauce

You might think that it’s too cold for ice cream. However, one café in Glasgow, Scotland is serving up dangerous ice cream that’s more than hot enough to warm you up. With part of ice cream’s delicious appeal being its cool, smooth texture, what happens when you infuse it with lots of spice and heat?

The Aldwych Café can tell you. They’re serving up a limited edition ice cream called Respiro Del Diavolo, or Breath of the Devil. Probably the world’s most dangerous ice cream, it’s so hot that customers need to sign a disclaimer and prove they’re over 18.

Respiro Del Diavolo: The world's most dangerous ice cream

The disclaimer warns that the ice cream carries a risk of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life. And staff who serve it have to wear gloves when they dish out scoops. It’s 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, weighing in at 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville scale.

The recipe comes from Italy, dating back to 1936; Italian family members used it as a test of bravery at yearly gatherings. Café owner, Martin Bandoni, thought it could become a commercial hit, so he put it on the menu of his ice cream parlour.

Respiro Del Diavolo: The world's most dangerous ice cream

A scoop costs $3.41—plus, a ticket to Scotland. The world’s most dangerous ice cream will be sold for a limited time; along with other more traditional flavours like chocolate, strawberry, and caramel shortcake.

And if dangerous spices are really your thing, you should also try this dangerous drumstick sauce that requires a gas mask to prepare.


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