Burger King educates customers on Net Neutrality with the Whopper

The repeal of Net Neutrality is a major issue that will significantly affect the average internet user. However, many people still don’t fully understand what it means. So, how best to explain the repeal of Net Neutrality? Burger King has decided to help and explains it with the Whopper.

If you’re not familiar with Net Neutrality, its rules ensure that all internet service providers treat all information on the internet similarly; not discriminating or charging different fees according to user, content, platform and application. They also cannot prioritize their own content over rivals and purposely alter traffic from certain websites or apps. Unfortunately, the US Federal Communications Commission repealed the Obama-era rules, giving internet service providers permission to do just that.

In an ad by Burger King, they decided to take a stance against the repeal by reenacting it with real customers. BK put up a special menu and a secret camera in one of their stores. It shows customers being upset when they found out that they would have to pay more in order to get their meal faster. In some cases, customers paid as much as 5-times more than the regular price to get their meal quickly.

The sudden policy change infuriated customers who didn’t realize that they were part of an ad and just wanted to get some lunch. “This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of,” one man said, after being told that, even though his burger was ready, he would still have to wait for it.

Whopper Neutrality

The video ends with the message, “The internet should be like the Whopper: the same for everyone.” It then directs viewers to a Change.org petition supporting Net Neutrality. While irritating to those who unknowingly participated, after seeing the commercial, customers took to social media praising the restaurant chain for what they did.

And Burger King isn’t the only brand to take a stance on this issue. Late last year, major brands including Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, and more, slammed the FCC’s vote.

Source: https://www.foodlogistics.com/technology/news/20990342/burger-king-educates-on-net-neutrality