Pocket Art Director gives you on-the-spot design advice

When deadlines are on the horizon, chances are your art director is nowhere to be found. If talking to your other colleagues would result in a prolonged ramblings, then you need the Pocket Art Director

This 20-sided plastic die is emblazoned with to-the-point phrases on each of the triangular flat spots. Some are helpful: simplify; add some texture; use Gotham. Others, however, are for when you need your designs crushed like only an art director can: give it personality; make it modern yet traditional.

Pocket Art Director gives your on-the-spot design advice

Now you can have feedback anywhere, at anywhere, with your own Pocket Art Director. Designed by ad agency Fuzzco, this handy tool will dole out creative feedback in three versions: online, DIY print-out, and the actual product.

You can snag one for $16US here. And regardless of whether you follow its advice, there’s always something to be said for a fresh take.

Pocket Art Director gives your on-the-spot design advice

Source: http://www.thefoxisblack.com/2014/06/17/pocket-art-director/