How Art Directors and Copywriters can avoid annoying each other

If you’ve ever been part of a creative team, you know that partnerships in advertising are not unlike marriage. Once the Art Director and Copywriter pair up, it takes a serious commitment to avoid annoying each other. Deciding to officially tie your careers together means doing everything together. And that includes concepts, presenting, traveling and even agency hopping.

That’s why New York-based Copywriter Stephanie Vicari and Art Director Caitlin Hickey came up with safety cards for these professions.

The following two humorous comics depict the difficult, and sometimes awkward, situations that arise in a creative team. When a Copywriter works with an Art Director, these cards are meant to ensure they avoid annoying each other. For instance, a Copywriter should provide a fixed deadline, while an Art Director shouldn’t ask for last minute edits.

Read both the Copywriter Safety Card and Art Director Safety Card below, and tell us your thoughts.


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