Infographic: 8 graphic design trends for 2017

Graphic design trends are typically a mixture of past trends and a reflection of societal values. However, infographic company Venngage believes that 2017 will reject some of the past graphic design trends completely.

Venngage has created an infographic exploring eight graphic design trends they believe will take over in 2017. Some of the trends featured include louder and brighter colours, hand drawn graphics and icons, vibrant duotones, and bold typography. And speaking of type, Google Fonts offer plenty of free choices for your designs. Overall, though, you can expect the general tone of 2017 to include and embrace even more minimalism and incorporate an organic, eco-friendly look and feel.

To learn more about them, please check out the infographic below, or head over to Venngage.

Do you agree with their view on what to look forward to in 2017? If not, do you see trends going another way. Share your thoughts. And if you want to see what else might be headed our way this year, check out 2017 web design trends.