Website design and UX trends for 2017

Trends are known to change in all creative fields, with website design being no different. More than ever before, everything in web design, from imagery to navigation, to content, must serve a purpose.

If you’re redesigning an existing website, start with a content audit, and focus on what’s important to consumers. Since the web is a constantly changing, unique environment, web design consultancy firm The Deep End has designed an infographic that shares 10 related trends for the upcoming year.

Website design and UX trends to watch out for

  1. Age-responsive design
  2. Skeleton screens
  3. Animated C2A buttons
  4. Shopping cart marketing
  5. Cinemagraph hero images
  6. Engagement bots
  7. Persuader videos
  8. Value-based exit overlays
  9. The death of the homepage
  10. And how scrolling trumps navigation