Find out what the 2017 horoscope holds for creatives

If you’re a creative whose wondering what the year ahead holds, then lets look at your horoscope. Adobe, with the help of stock contributor Natalia Hubbert, has created a horoscope that offers a peek at your creative potential and success for the new year. Will you have more confidence in your work? Or will you pursue a promotion? 

Each sign of the zodiac brings different assets to the table. Therefore, aligning your strengths can inspire you and motivate action in the new year. Find out if your zodiac sign will be the optimistic artist, the creative lead, or be stuck as the forever dreamer. To read the original horoscope article, click here.


Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 20)
The Imaginative Designer

A bold imagination and a strong sense of humour are Aquarius’ strong points; use them to infuse excitement into your work and get the recognition you deserve. This is the year to seek out group activities and start networking. Aquarius creatives can take advantage of the innovative tools emerging that are designed to enhance collaboration and sharpen and their skills.

Pisces (Feb 21-Mar 20)
The Forever Dreamer

Sensitive, emotional, and highly empathetic, Pisces often finds it difficult to disconnect. Nevertheless, inherent artistic talent is a gift that keeps Pisces grounded and at peace. Creativity comes easily and compassion combined with a strong sense of purpose can lead to professional achievement in 2017. Pay attention, exercise your leadership traits, and strive to move ahead in your career this year. Stay focused, and alert, and be sure to follow through for maximum success.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
The Optimistic Artist

Aries creatives are optimistic, but also a little selfish at times. Enterprising, incisive, and spontaneous, they tend to enjoy the challenge of exciting work. Nevertheless, it’s nearly impossible to tell an Aries that they can’t do something. This year, focus on keeping your mind alert and the creative juices flowing. Expand your skill set through a design workshop that’ll give your imaginative side a well deserved boost.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
The Thoughtful Creator

Taurus creatives are very practical in nature and are reliable in a work setting. Don’t be afraid to take on new and challenging projects. Obviously, no one is more stubborn, yet capable of moving the immovable object. This year, use your natural ambition and creative independence to speak for the team.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
The Balanced Designer

Known for quick wit and the ability to think on their feet, Gemini make fantastic creatives. Although it’s difficult to stay focused on lengthy projects, this year try exercising your serious side to add more balance to your creative work. Strategize for success by organizing projects to build structure in an otherwise chaotic work environment.

Cancer (June 21-July 20)
The Devoted Spirit

Loyal and generous with friends, family, and colleagues, Cancer is the most creative on the horoscope. However, moody and pessimistic, it’s immediately clear when a Cancer needs space to bolster their creativity and success. This is your year to shine and foster new ideas, or find a new process and jumpstart creative potential.

Leo (July 21-Aug 20)
The Creative Lead

A born leader, the Leo creative is action-oriented and highly motivated. They’re driven by the allure of personal success and recognition. Smart, calculated, and very clever, it’s tough to trip up the Leo with a master plan. Nevertheless, their worst enemy is themselves. Take control of your career and your creative side this year by sticking to deadlines, being accountable, and keeping your promises.

Virgo (Aug 21-Sept 20)
The All-Knowing Artist

Virgo creatives are smart, but depend on intuition more than any other zodiac sign on the horoscope. When something doesn’t feel right, it’s typically a Virgo who brings it to the table. The challenge is in learning to trust this intuition enough to allow it to further your career goals. Give yourself permission to think outside of the box and experiment with new ideas, create new solutions, and let positivity guide your creative spirit.

Libra (Sept 21-Oct 20)
The Creative Adviser

With a fascination for beauty and symmetry, Libra creatives have an advantage over their peers. And that is the ability to recognize and encourage talent in others. This year, try expanding your own creative potential by looking for inspiration in music and dance. Explore your inner performer and use this renewed energy to fight stress and tension that can diminish creativity.

Scorpio (Oct 21-Nov 20)
The Impassioned Artist

A romantic at heart, the Scorpio who opens their heart to you is loyal forever. Fierce and with intense emotion driving their creative spirit, this is the year to unleash the passion and fervour that’s been bottled up.

Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 20)
The Designer In Motion

Many Sagittarius creatives find freedom and movement especially exciting; which explains their love for animation. At times, restless wandering can take them off track and draining motivation. Try to recognize your strengths this year by playing off your love for movement and incorporating rhythmic elements to your designs.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 20)
The Controlled Artist

As the most determined of all on the horoscope, Capricorn creatives never cease to amaze their peers. With discipline and self-control that guarantees success, they’re born to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Be curious and use this insight to guide creative endeavours and maximize your creative potential.