Pringles releases limited edition Ramen flavour

Two college staples have united in one cardboard tube of dehydrated snacks. Pringles has teamed up with Nissin, producers of Cup Noodles, to make a limited edition Top Ramen Chicken–flavoured Pringles potato chips.

If you’ve ever wondered what uncooked instant noodles taste like, this Top Ramen Chicken variation might satisfy that curiosity. It packs the reminiscent taste of cup noodles in crunchy potato chip form; the best part is you don’t even have to boil water.

Pringles releases limited edition Ramen flavour

“Pringles flavorologists dig deep to find flavour trends and keep a pulse on new, exciting flavours people will love,” said Kurt Simon, Senior Director of Marketing for Pringles. “From there, they identify the right flavour profiles to ensure each flavour tastes exactly like its inspiration; in this case Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Flavour.”

International varieties of Pringles have been pushing taste limits all over the globe, ranging from Wasabi Mayo, to Mushroom Soup, to Yogurt and Cola.

While the new Top Ramen Chicken–flavoured potato chips are sure to be an instant classic, they will exclusively be available at Dollar General stores across the US. To learn more, click here. Or if you’re looking for other unique tastes, take a look at these Guinness-flavoured chips.