Yogurt and Cola are the newest odd flavours by Pringles

When it comes to potato chips, there are plenty of flavours available for you to choose. And in an increasingly competitive market, having new and unique flavours helps to bring in new consumers. However, potato chip brand Pringles has surprised its fans with the most unexpected new flavours: Yogurt and Cola.

Yogurt and Cola Pringles have made their way to South Korean discount store chain Homeplus to quench the thirst of adventurous snackers. These unique tastes surprised people by recreating the flavours. In fact, the Cola Pringles contains a special seasoning that gives the sparkling texture of pop. And the Yogurt variation features sour cream in its ingredient list, so it might not differ that far in taste from sour cream-flavoured snacks. In a press release, the company wrote that it resembles the “rich flavour of sweet and sour yogurt.”

Cola flavoured Pringles Yogurt flavoured Pringles

Apparently, just like its fans, once South Koreans pops, they just can’t stop.

“We will continue to develop new products with several barrier-breaking flavours,” said marketing lead Dong-Hwan Lim.

The two new flavours are exclusively available in South Korea at KR₩2,700 (CDN$3.15) per can.

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Source: http://designtaxi.com/news/397810/Yogurt-Cola-Pringles-Might-Satiate-Couch-Potatoes-Too-Lazy-To-Grab-A-Drink/

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