10 ways people really annoy graphic designers

“Can you make the logo design bigger?” This is probably the most heard and most annoying thing you can say to a graphic designer. If that sentence has your blood boiling, you’re probably a graphic designer, and you should stop here before really get annoyed.

Having worked as an art director/designer for nearly a decade now, it’s safe to say that I have probably come across pretty much every single kind of client there is. Some are super nice while others leave you literally scratching your head trying to understand what they want; changes that you’re fed up with, hearing inexperienced advice from non-designers.

It also means this infographic is probably right up your alley. Created by the UK printing website Print-Print, this amusing infographic has ten of the most annoying habits and questions that are sure to get under the skin of every graphic designer. Clients take note: if you ask a graphic designer to work for free or drop any of these lines, you’re sure to invoke the wrath of your design team.

Infographic: How to really annoy a graphic designer

How to really annoy a graphic designer

  1. Ask us to work for free and tell us “it’s good for our portfolio.” We want to give you our money’s worth, but you have to consider the cost of living.
  2. Comparing us to other designers. Many Graphic Designers have years of experience and training. Our portfolios showcase the calibre of our work.
  3. Haggling endlessly. You can try to whittle us down, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.
  4. Asking us to edit flattened files. Although it’s possible on some levels, there’s a limit to how much we can edit flattened files. Most final artwork is saved to PDF, some of these are editable, but JPG and PNG are not.
  5. Sending low-res images in MS Word is very, very annoying.
  6. Asking feedback from non-authorities. Go ahead and show off our work to your friends and family, but don’t rely solely on their feedback unless they’re adept with graphic design or marketing.
  7. Asking us to make the logo bigger. Bigger isn’t always better. The client has to understand that the logo isn’t the artwork, only a small part of it, and white space is equally important.
  8. Taking too much time to send revisions. Chances are that a timetable was agreed upon to gauge production time. That timetable can only be followed if we get your feedback for revisions promptly.
  9. Expecting unlimited revisions. There’s a limit to how much we can revise our work based on the brief given. Constantly asking for alterations to the brief whilst not being willing to pay for them is cause for us to be annoyed.
  10. Providing vague instructions. “Can you jazz it up?”; “Make it more stylish”; Please try to be as specific as possible, because vague instructions lead to vague revisions.

So designers, did this infographic annoy you? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on social media any lines clients say to you a lot. Also, check out other things you shouldn’t say to a graphic designer.

Source: http://www.creativebloq.com/infographic/how-really-annoy-graphic-designer-21619069

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