Amusing video shows women how to ride bitch

Ladies, have you ever wondered how to ride bitch on a motorcycle with a girlfriend? Well, this tongue-in-cheek tutorial video by Director Alex Vivian is your guide to female-on-female motorcycle riding. 

Focusing solely on appearances and gaining the attention of male riders, this obviously joking instructional video is titled How To Ride…Bitches. The sensual, hot-under-the-collar video will teach women some seated positions, including “the twin peaks”, “the vogue”, and “the sneaky side-saddle”.

All joking aside, the industry is taking notice of the popularity of motorcycling among women. In fact, Kawasaki launched the event a few years ago as part of its plan to prioritize marketing to women — how to ride bitch wasn’t part of that though. And a survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council in the United States found one in five motorcyclists are women, nearly double the percentage in 2009. 

“Within the last 10 years it’s been the largest growing segment within the motorcycle industry,” said Brad Goodbody, manager of marketing.

Today among Gen X riders, women account for 17% of bike owners compared with 9% of baby boomers. In the Gen Y cohort, the number is closer to 18%.

Asked why they ride, women answered “fun and recreation,” “sense of freedom” and “enjoy outdoors/nature.” While not to be left out, you can also check out Alex’s other instructional video specifically for men who are wondering how to ride bitch with another male here.