Facebook faces backlash after banning ad of a woman shaving her legs

We’ve all heard stories of Facebook and Instagram banning posts and advertisements that contain nudity. Their reasoning is that it’s adult content and not suitable for some of their users. Fair enough. However, sometimes it seems as though they pick and choose which posts they take down. The latest one banned by Facebook is of a woman shaving, and the creators are totally baffled.

Friction Free Shaving, a subscription service for women’s beauty products, wanted to show the not-so-glamorous reality of feminine hair removal. The humorous video, created specifically for Facebook, shows a woman shaving, covered with modesty bars in various poses that most woman will be all too familiar with. Facebook’s reasoning for banning the ad is that it was too “adult.”

Facebook faces backlash after banning ad of a woman shaving her legs

Ironically, the woman in the video wasn’t even filmed nude; she was wearing a nude bikini the whole time. The modesty bars were edited in afterwards to make it appear as if she was naked. The woman in the video is depicted doing what the brand calls “shoga,” or shaving yoga, rather than anything sexual at all. Which is why Friction Free Shaving is unclear why Facebook decided the ad needed to be removed.

Co-founder Briar Keen has since spoken out about the ban. “We wanted to move away from traditional and outdated women’s shaving ads that are over-glamourized, sexualized and unrealistic. We don’t think that a woman shaving is anything to be ashamed of and find it sexist and deeply offensive that Facebook has banned our ad on these grounds.” 

“We know a lot of women will agree with us, so we are calling on them to support us by watching our video in full at and sharing our story on their social media channels.”

Facebook’s advertising policy states that adverts must not contain adult content. This includes nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative.

Watch the video below and determine for yourself whether it should’ve been banned.

Banned Friction Free Shaving ad

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