What are the best careers for introverts and extroverts?

Do you identify yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? These are the two types of people you can find people in most workplaces. And because of the particular traits displayed by each personality type, they tend to work in different ways.

So how do introverts and extroverts behave in the workplace, and which careers are best for which type of personality? The infographic below from Career Assessment Site explores just that, take a look:

The best careers for introverts and extroverts


Extroverts are people people. They’re at their most energized when they have others around them. A good time for them usually involves about half a dozen friends or family. They love people; some with compassion and a genuine interest, others because they offer the opportunity to have an audience.

It’s estimated that approximately 60 percent of the population are extroverts. They are:

  • Outgoing
  • Comfortable in groups
  • Wide range of friends and acquantances
  • Quick to jump into new activities
  • Tends to think aloud
  • Energized by being around others

When it comes to the office or the classroom:

  • Prefer more verbal communication
  • Quick to volunteer thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Prefer brainstorming in large groups
  • Enjoy personal discussion and often initiate social gatherings

Career choices for extroverts

Construction worker
US$30,460 per year
Expected to increase in demand by 22% by 2022, there are no standard requirements. However, vocational school and apprenticeships can help build specialty skill.

US$119,280 per year
Demand is expected to rise by 15% by 2022, faster than average. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree is required.

Physical Therapist
US$81,030 per year
Requiring a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, this career is expected to grow by 22%.

Event Planner
US$46,260 per year
Also growing at an average of 22%, event planners require a Bachelor’s degree in a hospitality-related field.

Registered Nurse
US$66,220 per year
Expected to grow by 15%, faster than the average, Registered Nurses require a bachelor’s or associate degree/diploma from an approved program.

Advertising Sales Agent
US$45,830 per year
Demand isn’t expected to change much by 2022. To become an advertising sales agent, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing.

Police Officer
US$56,130 per year
Interest in becoming a cop is low with only 5% growth estimate by 2022. A college degree isn’t required, however a bachelor’s degree or advanced education in law enforcement-related areas is helpful.

US$45,600 per year
Much like police officers, growth here is slow at an expected 7%. A college degree isn’t required, however there is extensive training including emergency medical training.


Generally introverts don’t like attention from a crowd unless they’re very familiar with everyone. They can be content in a bar with a group, but will mainly be the ones quietly listening; the ones who usually don’t say very much, but when they do often deliver the killer line. Just because their participation is low does not mean they are not having a good time, or even that they’re shy.

Introverts are primarily:

  • Thoughtful
  • Reserved
  • Learn through observation
  • Private emotionally
  • Self-aware
  • Appreciates time alone

At work or in the classroom, expect introverts to:

  • Prefer a quiet workplace
  • Appreciate time to gather and examine information before making decisions
  • Prefer to keep discussions work/class-related
  • Prefer to work alone or on independent projects

Career choices for introverts

Graphic Designer
US$44,830 per year
Only expecting 7% growth in interest by 2022, graphic designers require a bachelor’s degree in visual arts or graphic design.

Mechanical Engineer
US$82,100 per year
Another slow growing sector, interest is only expected to be 5%. It requires a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering; advanced degrees generally required for management positions.

Software Developer
US$101,410 per year
This career is expected to see a 20% growth in interest, only requiring a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

US$36,710 per year
With 9% growth, a college education generally isn’t required, but with increasingly sophisticated automotive systems, formal training in vocational school or college is often helpful.

US$54,150 per year
Expecting a 2% decline in interest, this career requires a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism or communications.

Information Research Scientist
US$106,290 per year
With 15% growth expected by 2022, this career choice requires a PhD in information science.

US$86,640 per year
12% growth is expected, which is average. To become a veterinarian requires a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Truck Driver
US$38,700 per year
With an average of 11% growth, truck drivers don’t require a college education. However, many companies require formal education at trucking institutions, and states have regulations on licensing for commercial drivers; additional training may be recommended for hazardous materials handling.

Source: http://careerassessmentsite.com/tests/mbti-test/strong-interest-inventory/personality-types/careers-infographic