It’s time to play Ad Agency Bingo

There’s no need to be bored at work. If you’re tired of working long hours in temperature controlled rooms while tolerating the obnoxious nomenclature, you haven’t played Ad Agency Bingo yet.

Ad Agency Bingo is a fun game created by New York-based copywriter Sam Bartos. If you work in advertising and marketing, you’re probably familiar with the office goings-on, which means you should be able to play easily.

The rules are simple. Similar to regular Bingo, instead of numbers, you just check off a box when each instance occurs. The idea for this game is to encourage a bit of office interaction and playful jokes that increase office bonding.

Ad Agency Bingo squares include such activities as someone blatantly drinking before 2pm, using Tinder during a meeting, using the word “disruptive,” or even someone you’ve slept with who’s in the same meeting as you.

Ad Agency Bingo Card

How to score with Ad Agency Bingo

Get a straight line
If you get a straight line, you can take it to your boss and ask that he promote you. Art Directors can become Senior Art Directors. Junior Copywriters will become Senior Junior Copywriters. etc.

If your coworker gets a straight line, but you contributed by saying one of the things that helps them fill out one of the squares, you can scan their filled out sheet and put it in your portfolio as a project you worked on. If you give the sheet to an intern to and they get a straight line, you can take credit for it as long as you write them a nice LinkedIn recommendation on their last day.

Diagonal lines
Should you get a diagonal line, you get to raid the office supply closet, Supermarket Sweep-style.

Only complete parts
If you fill in a couple of the squares then get bored, fuck it, it’s lunch time.


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