The Award Winning Game

If you work in advertising, you know that can be a demanding job with little praise–until you have a chance to win an award. Singapore-based designers Callison Neo and David Goh of creative boutique Excaliburp are behind The Award Winning Game–a Kickstarter idea for a tabletop game that invites players to run their own ad agencies and dominate the awards scene, no matter what morals you need to set aside.

If the advertising industry had its own “Monopoly,” this would be it. The gameplay is simple and sounds pretty much like the industry–set up your own shop, pitch for accounts and make money. You grow by hiring creatives and undermining your competitors, and win awards using whatever strategy it takes.


“As fans of tabletop games who spent our fair share of time in advertising, we set out to create a game that’s not only relatable and enjoyable by our peers, but also offers outsiders an honest (but slightly exaggerated) take on the industry,” Mr. Neo and Mr. Goh describe on the game site.

Players have a variety of roles to choose from, including: creative director, tech whiz, graphic designer, jack-of-all trades or businessman-turned-creative. The mission is to try to win accounts like Clog-Cola, BMI, S&M, iPotato and Procrastigram.

The duo have also created dozens of parody logos for the game’s design, which you can view over on their blog. Whether you’re familiar with the advertising industry or not, this game will surely produce a few laughs for anyone in the creative world.


The fun of Award Winning Agency is “less about hard work, passion and more about how badly and creatively you’re able to screw over your friends,” the founders describe.


Unfortunately they didn’t reach their Kickstarter target, only receiving $8,000 or their $36,000 goal. In the end, I’m sure this game would’ve produced quite a few laughs to those in the industry.

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Source: http://www.creativebloq.com/creativity/card-game-pokes-fun-ad-industry-91516870


Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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