Make words look good with Scrabble Typography

What started as a concept design by Andrew Capener a few years ago is already on its third official release. Winning Solutions has once again worked with the artist to switch up the game of Scrabble by making Scrabble Typography.

This deluxe word game combines wordplay with beauty of typography to create a truly special gaming experience. With 12 carefully-selected fonts printed on solid wood tiles, and an elegant game board featuring cheery and vivid colours, typophiles will definitely love to create new word combinations on this Scrabble board. 

Scrabble Typography board

Scrabble Typography comes with four solid wood tile racks, fabric tile pouch, and a custom designed score pad. And all of these wonderful components are stored in a solid wood storage box with a sliding cover.

Thankfully, unlike Monopoly, there aren’t thousands of different variations of Scrabble to choose from. But when the occasional variations end up looking this amazing, I’d certainly choose quality over quantity.

You can purchase Scrabble Typography on Amazon.

Play Scrabble Typography

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