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Where’s the beef? With all the BBQs flaming this summer, if you consume meat then you’re probably thinking of a nice juicy burger or steak right now. Lets face it, the world loves meat. And I know that there are plenty of vegetarians and vegans out there that would disagree. But world average meat consumption is a whopping 41.9 kg per person each year!

In the US, an increase in chicken consumption is largely driving the boom in meat-eating. According to a Rabobank study, Americans are eating nearly twice the amount of chicken as they are beef and pork. Yet with so many varieties of edible animals available across the globe, how much do you really know about meat? Especially where different cultures take their own unique approaches it.

To illustrate meat consumption around the world, marinade company Flava-It has come up with this informative infographic. For example, did you know that Australia is the only country in the world that eats its national animal, the kangaroo? Or that Uruguay holds the record for the largest bovine consumption per capita?

Learn about these and other interesting facts below.

Infographic: Meat lust around the world

Meat lust around the world


In South Africa, kudu, an exotic savannah meat is softened in a yoghurt bath and served rare.

Did you know that goat is the most eaten meat around the world? It also has less calories and more iron than chicken, beef, pork and lamb.

Mozambique is the birthplace of the piri-piri. They tamed the fiery chillies and introduced them to their soulmate: chicken.

South Africa became home to the world’s longest kabob back in 2008, with a whopping 1.27 non-stop miles of meaty mayhem.

Australia & New Zealand

Aussies go all out for their protein fix with everything from kangaroo, crocodiles, and emu on the menu. They’re the only country that eats its national emblem, the kangaroo.

New Zealand is home to 3 million people and 60 million sheep.


The UK is the home of Tyson, the world’s biggest turkey, weighing in at a mighty 40 kg and selling for nearly £4,500.

Do you think the french enjoy sucking on frog legs? Think again, they’re actually quite rare in France these days. You’re actually more likely to see them eating snails instead.

The Czechs love meat so much they created a film called Meat Love in the late 80s.

Sorry Santa, reindeer jerky is a popular protein-packed snack in Norway.


A Japanese meatball lover holds the record for most eaten in one minute. He downed 29 in one sitting.

While Japanese stories of prized Wagyu cattle being massaged by fair maidens and boozing on high-grade pilsner are mostly bullshit, there’s no doubting this delicately marbled, melt-in-your-mouth kobe beef is the mac daddy of meats.

North America

Matthew Willer and his friends from St. Louis, Missouri hold the world record for largest bacon explosion at 120 pounds; proving that pigs really can fly.

In Nevada, the winning entry to the World Burger Championships can net you a cool $10,000.

Canadian Doug McManaman holds the record for turkey balancing. He balanced a 40 pound turkey on his chin for 8.34 seconds.

South America

Uruguay is the official record holder of the largest bovine meat consumption per capita… but Suarez still prefers humans.

Argentinians have so much beef, they have their own cuts and low’n slow Asado cooking methods, separating meat by texture and shape; taking your typical T-bone into a boneless Lomo and Costeleta cut.


Vietnamese meat eaters are perhaps the most hardcore; eating a live cobra heart is seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity.

Now that I’ve got you thinking about food, check out a burger containing 17 types of beef or how even the world’s most expensive burger.


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